Architects, Construction Experts, Engineers & Scientists

These Architect, Engineers & Scientists expert witnesses can help diagnosis accidents, injuries, product defects, construction defects and other engineering & scientific areas.

  • David Axt (Specifications Consultant)
  • Jonah Dunham (Mechanical Engineer)
  • Brandon Erickson (Structural Engineer, Seismic, Evaluation, Assessment, Structure, Building, Design, Analysis, Renovation, Rehabilitation, Remediation, Distressed, Investigation, Defect, Construction)
  • Will Martin (Architect, Construction Design Defect, Workplace Safety, Slip, Trip, Water Infiltration, Estimating, Scheduling, Premises Liability)
  • Brendan Morse (Accident Reconstruction, Human Factors, Auto, Slip/Trip/Fall, Sports)
  • Trevor Newbery (Mechanical Engineer, Accident Reconstruction, Injury Causation)
  • Patrick Reidlinger (Mechanical Engineer, Accident Reconstruction, Trucking Accidents)
  • Blair Pruitt (Building and Property Inspector, Slip and fall, Premises Liability, Building Safety, Accessibility, Code compliance, Stairs, Decks)
  • Irving Scher (Mechanical Engineer, Biomechanics, Accident Reconstruction, Sports)
  • Bethany Suderman, Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineer, Biomechanics; Accident Reconstruction; Slip and Falls; Watersports)
  • Dave Van Derostyne (Structural Engineer, Structural, Engineering, Collapse)
  • Rada Vojnovic (Construction claims, Schedule delay claims, Construction safety)